NEW Vintage Bathroom and GIFTS!

Greetings Friends!

I’m pleased to announce the release of the NEW La Galleria Vintage Mesh Bathroom.


Screenshot1 (287)Screenshot (292)Screenshot (294)Screenshot (295)
Screenshot (290)Screenshot (292)Screenshot (293)Screenshot (289)

~From 43 Prims/LI (78 LI with accessories)
~Bathtub, shower, vanity and sink animations.
~Bathtub, double sink, shower, vanity, vanity bench, toilet,wall shelf and accessories all included

Located in the Sedona House

**********************INTRODUCTORY BATHROOM DISCOUNTS***************

**If you have a non mesh La Galleria bathroom, the discount for a mesh one is 40%. If purchased in 2016, the discount is 70%. To get your discount, 1) purchase the mesh bathroom 2) Send your transaction in IM (not notecard, I hate those) 3) Tell me what year you purchased the non mesh bathroom.**

And as always, the bathroom is 20% off with purchase of any La Galleria home. There is no expiration on this offer, so home purchase does not have to be recent. IM Pamela transaction info for refund.

Presenting another collectible box to add to your La Galleria collection.

Screenshot (298)

Also, get this pretty decorative Egg on Stand!
Screenshot (297)
Copy/Mod 1 LI

Found in the Sedona House


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