NEW Kitchen Update and GIFTS!

Hello Friends!

This week I have made the first of the newest kitchen updates, the Vintage Kitchen v 10. I have tweaked the textures of almost everything a little bit, added a third counter choice, three more valance fabric options, updated the stools, changed out some accessories with new mesh ones, added a few things. I cut the total prims/LI of the whole kitchen plus accessories displayed.

To get your update, leave your main kitchen box rezzed 24 hrs.

I would just re-rez the whole thing. If you have loaded additional food into the island prims, you can replace the new ones with your already loaded ones, because I did not update any food prims. My blog tells how to unlink prims.

21925652084_165c175274_oScreenshot (305)

This update includes much “touching up” of various things, which has resulted in lower over all prim count.

• Updated textures:

added a third counter top change option

added three valance fabric change options


added specular materials




free standing cabinets


• Updated the mesh (or converted to mesh from sculpts):




peppers in basket

under counter lights


new hanging lights

potatoes in basket

fern in basket

new herb pots

To receive your update, please leave your box rezzed for at least 24 hours


I have a new La Galleria Butterfly Lantern as well as Daffodils in Pail set out at the new Vintage Kitchen

Screenshot (302)Screenshot (304)

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