Villa Barcelona UPDATE and GIFTS!

Hello friends!

This week I updated the Villa Barcelona.

This update of the Barcelona is mostly a scale change — it is smaller than previous versions. The reasons are that 1) it saves 70 prims for the house, since with mesh smaller means fewer prims, 2) it is scaled more to RL avatar and furniture size, and 3) the house and courtyards will fit on a 4096 easily. I also shrunk the courtyars, windowseat, curtains, and window planter boxes.

If you have a very tall avatar you may not want to use this updated smaller size — though you can stretch everything larger if you like.

I modded the kitchen a little so one of my mesh kitchens will fit with the refrigerator on the other end of the kitchen, by the window. The non mesh kitchens will fit if you put the refrigerator on the side wall.

I also updated the courtyards a little.


It’s time to garden!

Pick up your garden welcome mat, watering can and garden wagon! All found at the Villa Barcelona.



For a limited time, pick up this Rustic Greenhouse for 29L! Copyable.

Just a reminder to “LIKE” La Galleria’s Facebook page. The page has details on weekly gifts as well as new releases. I also offer chances to win anything from tables to homes!


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