NEW Dining Sets and Butterfly GIFTS!

Greetings Friends!

This week I have two new dining sets featuring wicker parsons chairs. I have both round and square versions available at the landing. Mod/Transfer. Available at a special into price for a short time.
Screenshot (432)


I set out four versions of butterfly wall art. They are white, but can be easily tinted whichever color you prefer. Copyable.

Found at the landing point.

******* HOW TO GET UPDATES ******

Some copyable items can be updated automatically by leaving your MAIN box (not rez box) out for a FULL 24 hours, so it can scan and see if there is a newer version available. ONLY boxes that contain the script TimedUpdateCheck scan for updates. If you have auto-accept turned on, the item may go to your inventory without you noticing it.

There is a redelivery terminal at the landing point, but it is only for things that 1) were bought from a Caspervend networked vendor, and 2) are copyable. (Transfer items cannot be redelivered, otherwise someone could deliver 1000 of them to themselves and transfer/sell them.)


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