NEW Chippendale Office Set and Spring Gifts!

Greetings Friends!

This week I am releasing a new mesh office set. The mesh Chippendale Office Set  has 39 prims / Land Impact total.  Items are a transfer and mod, except for items that rez. The desk rezzes desktop items from a menu.

For your convenience, the room comes grouped into a single coalesced object (but not linked).

At special intro pricing for a short time!

Found in the new location of the office department.

Screenshot (461)Screenshot (462)Screenshot (466)Screenshot (468)

Screenshot (302)



I have set out these pretty watercolor collages in the office department. Available in two sizes. Copyable.

Screenshot (472)

I am offering these new Potting Benches as gifts this week. In white or ash. Found in the office dept.




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