NEW Alexandria House and Seashell Gifts!

Greetings Friends!

This week I am releasing the newest La Galleria home, the Alexandria House.  It is Copy Mod Mesh and has a Land Impact of about 275 at the default size, and a footprint of 32 X 28 for house alone . The house with landscaping fits on a 4096 sq m parcel. This house is scaled more to RL avatar and furnishing size. You can easily stretch this one larger, but it will add to the prim count.
Screenshot (479)Screenshot (480)Screenshot (482)Screenshot (483)Screenshot (484)Screenshot (485)Screenshot (486)Screenshot (487)Screenshot (488)

Screenshot (490)Screenshot (492)Screenshot (495)Screenshot (496)Screenshot (497)


Inside the Alexandria House you will find a candle with seashells in wax. Outside you will find two welcome mats.

Screenshot (8)


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