Bombe Chest Special Price!

I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU to all of you. As a lot of you know, La Galleria is my full time job, and the way I support my family. I don’t do much in the way of advertising, so I appreciate those of you who take time to share a FB post, share word of mouth referrals, or to send a kind word my way. I truly appreciate you all so much, and you are an encouragement to me! As a special thank you, I am offering these Bombe Chests for a special price of 59L (normally 295L). Your choice of burl, black or white. Purchase yours here:…/La%20Galleria%20II/…/25
Please note payment info must be on file to enter La Galleria

Screenshot (150)Screenshot (151)Screenshot (152)Burl Bombe Chest CloseupPromo Mesh Burl French Bombe ChestScreenshot (148)Screenshot (28)Screenshot (155)


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