I’m happy to introduce my newest house- The Santa Cruz. It is a part-mesh two story home, with 179 prims/LI for the house and deck. This light, bright, airy home, is perfect for a large family or entertaining friends. The house and deck have a footprint of 41 x 41 — perfect for a 64 x 64 (4096) parcel. Permissions are copy/mod. The walls can be adjusted to fit your land. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-Santa-Cruz…/9227101

Screenshot (32)Screenshot (33)Screenshot (36)Screenshot (37)Screenshot (38)Screenshot (39)Screenshot (40)Screenshot (41)Screenshot (42)Screenshot (43)Screenshot (44)Screenshot (45)Screenshot (46)Screenshot (47)Screenshot (48)Screenshot (49)Screenshot (50)Screenshot (51)Screenshot (52)


I put this pretty songbird outside of the Santa Cruz. Touch to turn song on/off.

Screenshot (55)

Inside the Santa Cruz I’ve set out the first of four Seashells on Stand. This one is a starfish. I also have this pretty fern in seashell planter for you. All copyable.

Screenshot (1415)Screenshot (1802)



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