Greetings Friends!

This week I am releasing a NEW part mesh bungalow. The San Jose Bungalow Part Mesh has dimensions of  28×25 without pool, and is only 67 prims/ Land Impact.


Find inworld or on the marketplace.
The bedroom room divider can be moved or removed to suit, windows can be easily removed.

**********************REZZIE AWARDS 2016!****************************

I am so honored  to once again be nominated by the Rezzies for best Best Dining Rooms, Best Kitchens and Best Prefab Mansions / Castles! If you have enjoyed your La Galleria purchases, I appreciate you taking a moment to vote for La Galleria here, or at the kiosks located around the store.:

Voting will be open through September 27, 2016 – be sure to tell your friends!

***********FALL CENTERPIECES NOW FOR SALE**************

Fall centerpieces are now available at the landing and in the dining/food dept.

Found at the landing point.

*****************HALF OFF SALE*************
This leather mesh living set is 50% OFF for a short time. See it here:
Cabo Latte_Box.png

This Antique Wood Bedroom set is also on sale!  Find on the marketplace:

Kick off fall decorating with this pretty Fall Leaf Wreath. Found at the San Jose Bungalow.

Also at the San Jose Bungalow is this exclusive La Galleria Pumpkin Lantern.


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