Greetings Friends!

This week, a new small scale house: The St. Croix Bungalow Part Mesh has dimensions of  28×25 without pool, and is 67 prims/ Land Impact.


The bedroom room divider can be moved or removed to suit.

The St. Croix is the same house as the San Jose Bungalow, only tinted. If you own one, you can easily tint it to be like the other.

***********FALL CENTERPIECES NOW FOR SALE**************

Fall centerpieces are now available at the landing and in the dining/food dept.

*****************HALF OFF SALE*************

This antique bedroom set is HALF OFF for a limited time. Marketplace only:


This leather mesh living set is also 50% OFF for a short time. See it here:


This week marks the beginning of Halloween season! I am offering this mesh scarecrow, designed by Tao Dreamscape.


I also have these cute throw pillows and decorative hanging quilts.

All found in the St. Croix Bunglaow. Copyable.



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