NEW House Preview, Holiday Decor and GIFTS

Greetings Friends!


I’m happy to announce the preview of my new two bedroom Craftsman style home.  To be released soon!

*************HOLIDAY DINNERS AVAILABLE***************

These mesh turkey dinners allow you to prepare, cook and serve a beautiful holiday dinner that will be the highlight of any gathering!

Spend your time with loved ones instead of digging through inventory — touch a fork, wine glass, or roll and it will go directly to your hand!
The table setting can change color scheme and china pattern depending on the occasion.  The candles can be color changed, as can the runner/placemat color (touch the edge of the runner).  Touch the candlesticks to rez bows, touch the bows to change their color. You can even change green beans to brussel sprouts!

Found at the landing point.

***********FALL CENTERPIECES NOW FOR SALE**************

Fall centerpieces are now available at the landing and in the dining/food dept.  Two versions available- one for dinner party tables only, and one for coffee tables, kitchens, consoles.


I set out an assortment of spooky Halloween gifts at the Portland Cottage and the landing. There are A LOT this week! I have several tables with Halloween goodies, perfect for entertaining friends and family. I also have a tub for bobbing for apples, a ghost, Halloween wreaths, welcome mat, a special collectible La Galleria Halloween egg, and more!


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