Greetings Friends!

*********************NEW SEATTLE BUNGALOW************************

I’m happy to announce the release of the NEW Seattle Bungalow!  It has a footprint of 35 X 35 and a prim count of about 97 for the house and deck.  The two unlinked dividers and pool add additional prims to the total, depending on which you choose to use.

The Seatte floorplan is versatile and easily modified to create the ideal living space for your family’s needs. To rez with optional pool and room divider, place Rez box a little above ground level, L Click, and choose Rez. Move and rotate into position. Pool and dividers may be deleted (extras are included in the main box).

Screenshot (82).jpg
Also included are copyable and modifiable:

* Built in windowseat w bookshelves
* Optional pool with animations (25 x 15)
* unlinked dividing walls for breakfast and dining area
* ceiling fan
* light fixture
* fireplace
* security panel ( no need to bother with useless door lock commands)
* birdbath
* landscaping trees
* snow for roof and ground

****************AVI CHOICE AWARDS!******************

I am so GRATEFUL to have been nominated for TWO Avi Choice awards. I truly put my heart and soul into creating the absolute BEST designs for the lowest possible prims, and it is an honor to be acknowledged! I appreciate any votes for La Galleria in the “Favorite Furniture Creator” and “Favorite Home Builder” categories. You can vote here:

*************HOLIDAY DINNERS AVAILABLE***************

These mesh turkey dinners allow you to prepare, cook and serve a beautiful holiday dinner that will be the highlight of any gathering!

Spend your time with loved ones instead of digging through inventory — touch a fork, wine glass, or roll and it will go directly to your hand!

The table setting can change color scheme and china pattern depending on the occasion.  The candles can be color changed, as can the runner/placemat color (touch the edge of the runner).  Touch the candlesticks to rez bows, touch the bows to change their color. You can even change green beans to brussel sprouts!


Found at the landing.

***********FALL CENTERPIECES NOW FOR SALE**************

Fall centerpieces are now available at the landing and in the dining/food dept.  Two versions available- one for dinner party tables only, and one for coffee tables, kitchens, consoles.


*************FALL DECOR PROMOTION*************

This pretty mesh fall cornucopia is available at a special promo price of 29L. Found inside the Seattle Bungalow.


I have the cutest plate of fall leaf cookies set out in the Seattle Bungalow kitchen. Touch to get a cookie.  Also found at the Seattle Bungalow is a pumpkin patch leaf emitter.screenshot-717screenshot-61


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